ABT Controls
7600 Pontrelli Place
Missoula, MT 59808
406-549-6500  Fax: 406-534-7600

Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Objectives

We are a demanding business which strives for excellence

Our Mission:

Our mission at ABT Controls is to cooperatively pursue life, liberty, and happiness
through our investments in good people and good work throughout the electrical industry.


Our Vision:

Our vision at ABT Controls is to grow through diversification
focused on the electrical industry by performing high-quality work while providing
high quality of life opportunities for as many as we interact with.


Our Values:

Honesty, integrity, and professionalism

Family, friendships, and enjoying life

Hard work, loyalty, and achievement


Our Goal:

To honor our promises and commitments

To deliver results

To be welcomed back


Our Objective:

To provide ingenuities with comprehensive insight

To remain conversant with new and improved best practices

To be a valued business partner to each contractor and client